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Editor Resources

Below you will find useful tools and resources to support you in your role as an Editor.

Editor Training

Editorial Board is the soul of journal success. Editors make an important role to journal improvement. So, we treat all of our editors as our honorable guardian. Some new scholars or comparatively less experienced editors sometimes ask for their tasks and responsibilies to the journal. Seagull Publications brought some features for its editors recently. You can learn about your tasks and responsibilies in your private editor dashboard via Guidelines and Videos. You can also find the videos from Seagull Publications Youtube Channel also.

Track Progress

Track progress for Editors is a real-time production where tracking services are available to the editors in variations of journals. Editors must check the production status of their journal's accepted manuscripts which have moved into production workflow.

Publishing Ethics

The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method.

Open Access Info

To Learn about Open Access Info please visit Open Access Info Page

Working with Reviewers

Reviewers will help the editors to meet the deadlines of any project work. The Reviewers can help editors to work with reviewers, giving them the guidelines, information and support. Reviewers may take up their time with manuscripts to review that are of such poor quality they could be rejected articles on topics which are outside the reviewer's area of expertise. Reviewers generally like to know the final editorial decision of the paper, and see other reviewers’ comments.

Supporting Authors

Editors will find suitable collaborations for authors research. Editors will provide guidelines for the authors to enrich their professional research profile. Editors will help the authors for joining the cross discipline research to build potential collaborations about other research projects.

Submission Systems

All submissions to our journal will be managed using one of our online submission systems. Using an online submission system, one can access and process submitted papers from anywhere with internet access. Different access levels are available for different editorial roles and there are various help and training resources at one’s disposal to support them with these systems.

Editorial Boards

The editorial board, or (editorial) advisory board, is a team of experts in the journal's field. The members of editorial board will review submitted manuscripts. They will provide advice on journal policy and scope. They will try to identify topics for special issues. If they want, they may attract new authors and submissions and also act as advisers in the case of complex publishing ethics allegations.

Guest Editors

Guest editors will play a vital role in acquiring content and leading the review process for special issue publications. Guest editors will be invited as an expert in an author’s specific field of research. One can submit a proposal for a special issue to a journal, the senior editor(guest) will approve or reject it after consulting with the editorial board.

Promoting Contents

We from Seagull cordially request all of our journals editors to promote our journal to their communities or colleagues by referring, sharing and recommending our journals.