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Taxpayer Rights Should be Linked to Legal Guarantee - Tax Lawyer Prof. Ahmet AK Said

Tax Lawyer and Hacı Bayram Veli University faculty member. Dr. Ahmet Ak said that there is no legal guarantee of the rights granted to taxpayers in tax disputes. Here’s his message:
Ahmet Ak, who answered the questions of the WORLD, emphasized that the taxpayer should be given legal assurance, the solution of the tax dispute through the ombudsman, and the rights of the taxpayer should be regulated as administrative obligation. Ahmet Ak emphasized the opinion that uygulamada issues such as justice and equality in reconciliation, state of incapacity, administrative application against payment order and learning the identity information of the payer on behalf of the consensus, which cause serious problems in practice alın should be put on the agenda.

Ahmet Ak, taxpayer rights as an administrative obligation, as well as the violation of these rights should be sanctioned stressed. Emphasizing that taxpayer rights should be included in strong legal provisions, Ahmet Ak said, ça It would be meaningless to mention the existence of a right unless legal protection is provided. The universal constitutional issues such as equality before the law, fair trial, privacy, the right to property or non-deprivation of public services should be regulated by the constitution and the details of these rights should be included in the law. ”

That the regulations in Turkey found scattered pointing Ahmet Ak, the Declaration of Taxpayer Rights, published in 2006, was told that there was no binding. Ahmet Ak, since When it comes to taxpayer rights; the right to petition, the right to obtain information, the right to sue, the right to declare by reservation, the right to represent, the right to object to the assessment are the first ones that come to mind. Taxpayers have some legal rights during the administrative procedures, tax examination, collection or forced collection during the taxation process. The protection and use of legal rights is also a requirement of the state to the law. ”

In addition to strengthening the legislation, Tax Lawyer Ahmet Ak proposes the implementation of the settlement of tax disputes through the ombudsman, the regulation of the taxpayer rights as administrative obligations, dondurma The right to freeze the obligation on permanent liabilities, the right to equal treatment and the right to appeal, the right to appeal to the assessment, the right to apply to the tax administration / objection against the order, the right to learn the identity information of the payer in the payments and the right to request the issuance of incapacitated vouchers in case of incapacity; should be regulated. ”

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